Web and app design - 2016

Final year project.

Lane is a new solution made for those who don’t know where to travel. The system is easy: the user only needs to select the dates, who is coming with, climate desires and cultural interests. The user finally has his result: the ideal trip with the plane information and an Airbnb apartment.


Text and buttons

Calendar numbers

Color combinations and themes


To start, the user can create an account or sign in via facebook, google and e-mail.

Where to go?

After completing several categories, Lane will define the perfect city for you.

Your city

Appartment and flight

The user has an Airbnb appartment proposed with flight schedules corresponding to its price range.

Save your trip

The trip can also be saved into a limit of two weeks to continue the purchase.



To visualize upcoming and saved trips, Lane offers a shareable calendar on different social networks.


The user has his own profile where he can write a brief description. He can invite friends to download the application and log out.


Finally, a messaging service is available to chat with friends and talk about upcoming trips.